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Earth vs. Space Chess Match 2011

earthvspace_160.gifUpdate: Voting closed at 'wheel stop' - 2:35:36 AM EDT, on the morning of June 1, at Kennedy Space Center in Florida.  Earth's chessvoters have chosen to claim victory (59%), over the chivalrous alternative of declaring a draw (35%).  Taz, Box, and their crewmates have returned to Earth - mission complete!

As Endeavour is readied for landing (set for 2:35 AM EDT Wed, June 1), our game with space now concludes with a final message from our astronaut opponents, and a vote to determine the final result.

"To our challengers from planet Earth, farewell from Endeavour. This has been a blast!  We've concluded that humans are very wise, and we have great hope for the future of this planet.

Signing off,

Taz & Box on Endeavour"

It's time to demonstrate that wisdom: please help decide the winner - or whether Earth wishes to declare the match a draw.

Voting will be closed and the result announced at 'wheel stop' - right at touchdown.

Join discussion of the game and the final decision on our Earth vs. Space Chess Match 2011 Facebook page and on NASA's International Space Station Facebook page - and click on the final position to review and replay the game and explore what could happen if play were to continue.

The final results will also be announced via Twitter:

@Astro_Taz - Astronaut Greg Chamitoff
@ChessMagnet - Match Director Hal Bogner

Earth vs. Space Chess Match, 2011

"This has been a blast! We really appreciate all of the work that has gone into making it possible.  Huge thanks to everyone who has helped.  We enjoyed it and we hope it has been interesting and fun for our competitors on planet Earth."

Taz & Box on Endeavour
Final Position after 22. Rd2
Earth claims victory (0-1)

Click here to explore the full game in our Chess Viewer.


If you don't know all the rules of chess, and would like to learn, click here.

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Media Contacts:
NASA - Kelly Humphries
Johnson Space Center, Houston

USCF - Glenn Petersen

Match Director -
Hal Bogner