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Our Thanks to our USCF Benefactor Members!

USCF Benefactor Members as of 5 August 2014


Jeffrey Davidson, CA
William (Bill) Goichberg, NY
Charles (Chuck) D. Unruh, OK
David M. Kochman, NH
Edward Wycoff, CA
Joseph H. Boyle, TX
Martin Dean, VA
Christopher Lewis, VA
Parker G. Montgomery, VT
Harold Torrance, PA
Jim Bedenbaugh, OK
Phillip R Smith, TN
David Kaplan, VA
Kenneth Duffy, CA
J E Blackwood, FL
David C Miller, NV
John J Brendel, NY
Jonathan B Crumiller, NJ
Robert E Hux, NE
Fabiano Caruana, FL
Thomas N Thrush, NV
David H Raymond, FL
Henry L Terrie, NH
Timothy Michael Sawyier, IL

Be a USCF Benefactor! Help Promote American Chess by becoming a USCF Benefactor Member. Benefactor Membership includes Life Membership, a special membership card, recognition on a benefactor page of our USCF Web Site and periodically in Chess Life. The cost is $3000, or $1500 to existing Life Members. Half the funds collected will go to the USCF Life Member Assets Fund and half to assist USCF operations. Become a Benefactor on the website, by phone at 800.903.8723, or by mail to USCF, PO Box 3967, Crossville, TN 38557.