Carlsen Retains World Championship!

Magnus Carlsen retained his World Championship title in Sochi, Russia, with a dramatic victory in round 11 against challenger Vishy Anand.

Sevian, 13, Youngest-Ever American Grandmaster

13-year-old Sam Sevian became the youngest American Grandmaster in history at the GM Norm Invitational at the STL Chess Club, beating Ray Robson's record, previously held by Nakamura and Fischer!

Round Ten: Anand Attacks, Carlsen Holds

Today in the World Championship, challenger Vishy Anand had an edge in a Grunfeld endgame, but Carlsen held the draw, and is now just one point away from retaining his title.

Nakamura, Aronian Meet Tomorrow for Showdown in Saint Louis

The United States’ super Grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura will square off against GM Levon Aronian, the World No. 4, in the Showdown in Saint Louis, a five-round contest for the lion’s share of a $100,000 purse.

Carlsen-Anand: Game Nine Drawn in 20 Moves

The World Championship is slowing down at the homestretch as Magnus Carlsen was sleepy in game eight while game nine was a 20-move draw by repetition. Anand has three rounds to catch up!

Kostya on Norm #1: Staying Present

Kostya Kavutskiy writes about the long road to his first IM norm, which he earned at the SPICE Cup last month in Saint Louis.

Time with Aronian & Nakamura: Schein-Friedman Benefit Auction

Find details on a Schein-Friedman online auction featuring lessons with super-GMs Levon Aronian and Hikaru Nakamura, who will face each other in a match later this week in Saint Louis. 

Jersey Girl Organizes All-Girls Chess Camp

Alice Dong, a 2044-rated sixteen year old junior at Princeton (NJ) High School, organized an all-girls chess camp to motivate more girls to stick with the game.

World Chess Hall of Fame Call for WW2 Artifacts

In the summer of 2015, the World Chess Hall of Fame present an exhibition exploring the history of chess during World War II. We are seeking material related to the effect of war on the world of chess.

Anand Holds Strong in 122 Move Draw

Today, Carlsen pressed hard but challenger Anand held strong in a marathon 122-move draw. Round 8 was also a solid draw with Carlsen playing Black, bringing the match score to 4.5-3.5.  


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